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    5rebel9 Neo_123
    Drop by the Newbie check in page and make an introduction of yourself and ride there! so we can more easily welcome you!
  3. Neo_123
    just got a dodge avenger 2008 and i hope to get advise on this car from you all thanks.
  4. Neo_123
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    5rebel9 Smoke
    Did you ever get yours running right? And hoping HAPPY BIRTHDAY thoughts to you!
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    5rebel9 stellor
    Still around?..Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 jim8230
    Hey there fellow WNY'r! ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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    5rebel9 Fish0023
    Hope things are better now with your 'Venger...Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 blueavenger
    Still over there and "across the Pond"?..Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 MaverickAngel
    MY GOODNESS ANGEL back HOME! Welcome back..You have some updating to do!
    1. MaverickAngel
      Oh dear me, I have no idea where to start. I fought the dealer and won, got my bodywork done for free. The Dude has been good until the misfire happened and like I said, $2K later it was the damn ignition coils all along.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 12:54 PM
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  11. MaverickAngel
    Dude shuddered... $2k Later... 3 ignition coils for another $500 Alex!
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    5rebel9 H5jlo13
    Hope all is well, have not seen you here for quite some time. But it is time to send you another HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting!
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    5rebel9 Mark
    Hope your ride is now keeping YOU cool!..Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 Richard C.
    Did you find them lights? ... Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 pilota italiano
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    5rebel9 Duane
    Hope all has been well, Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 jasonmatei
    Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 Shelby Medovich
    Hey you have another Happy Birthday greeting heading to you! Enjoy your day!
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    5rebel9 Tracy lee
    Happy Birthday!
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    5rebel9 Wtl5307
    Happy Birthday!