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  1. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Stackz11b
    Well, Still no NEW Avenger model yet, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  2. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 murrayct
    Happy Birthday!..Yup a whole year has rolled around again!
  3. 5rebel9
  4. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 DavidE
    Still having controlled cruising?..Happy Birthday!
  5. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Jennay
    Happy Birthday to You...again!
  6. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 JoeyCal
    Still around with us?..Happy Birthday!
  7. 5rebel9
  8. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Michigander
    Been a while ...Happy Birthday!
  9. Dodge2.4
    Purchased a wix air filter today. Next time thinking about going with a K a N or spectra.
  10. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Sammmmmmm
    Hope things are working with "Lights out" on your ride by now....Happy Birthday!
  11. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Avenger-MX77
    Happy Birthday!
  12. Supertramp
    I need a turbo or s/c for this help
  13. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 D.A.T.
    Please don't tell us for this year you got a Challenger! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  14. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 mandrusha
    Been a while since we've heard from you...Happy Birthday!
  15. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 naminic
    Still around? Please message ADMIN so your accounts can be merged and bring you up to date....Happy Birthday ,again!
  16. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 nickminick1
    Been missing you...Happy Birthday!
  17. GusMtx
    Fast & Loud
    1. 5rebel9
      A nice looking ride, make a check in posting and tell us more about it!
      Nov 11, 2017
  18. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Squall
    Happy Birthday!
  19. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Michael Santos
    Happy Birthday!
  20. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 kocuba