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  1. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Endechol
    Hope all is staying fully charged for your special day ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  2. 5rebel9
  3. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Steelpaladin
    My such a quiet member here...BUT sending you a loudly heard HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting!
  4. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 TeeGee71
    How's things going? and Happy Birthday!
  5. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Wildaw
    Happy Birthday!
  6. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Vette117
    Hope you have NOT given up with your COUPE...mine is still going strong...
  7. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 George
    Hey there...Happy Birthday !
  8. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 dalehsc
    WOW...another Happy Birthday shout out to you!
  9. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Faith
    Don't look now,but...YUP a whole year has rolled by already! They say time flies when you're having fun! So Enjoy another Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 DJ Medina
    Hey there...Another year has rolled around already! Happy Birthday!...AGAIN!
  11. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 John Anchondo
    Happy Birthday!
  12. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 GJK
    Hey there...Happy Birthday!
  13. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 David Rudy
    Hope the KEY for today works great for your day today...Happy Birthday!
  14. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Dodge3.6LAvenger
    So, how are your wheels doing? Hope they are looking good again for you to enjoy your special day today...Happy Birthday!
  15. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 GT
    Sorry but GT is no longer around, try posting your concern on the Pre 2007 Dodge Avenger Forum page.
  16. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 flyguy67
    A BIG Happy Birthday shout out to you in Texas!
  17. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Outlaw
    Happy Birthday!
  18. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 RacerX2U
    Hey there! Happy Birthday! ...Wow seems the year flew by FAST!
  19. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Winningar
    Hope your ride is no longer stuck in that "limp mode" by now....Happy Birthday! :)
  20. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Cheryl
    Get that shifter light bulb working by now? Hope so, so you can enjoy a very Happy Birthday today!