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  1. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Stetsman
    Hope you keep being lucky..and have a Happy Birthday!
  2. 5rebel9
  3. Vince2008
    My Avenger is a 2008 SXT 4cyl.
  4. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Jordan Reimschussel
    Welcome Jordan! go to the page you wish to have your thread put in and scroll down to the bottom of that page. in the lower right corner is an icon that says post a new thread, click on it.
  5. Jordan Reimschussel
    Jordan Reimschussel
    How to I post a new thread!?
  6. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Fygs
    Hope you have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
  7. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 4cefed
    Hey, lets throw some Shrimp on the barbecue and have some "cool ones" to party "down under"!..Happy Birthday!
  8. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Black Sunshine
    Hope you are having Bright Sunshine to enjoy a very Happy Birthday!
  9. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Geeving
    Hey there! Wake up to a Special Day and have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 medodgers
    NO more "wobbles"? ..Happy Birthday!
  11. dk1677
    dk1677 Imre Mariak
    Hi folks, what do you know about the rear axle carrier of this car. I thought of fabric, fabric thickness. Thanks in advance. is the translation. English only please
  12. Imre Mariak
    Imre Mariak
    Hallo Leute, was wisst ihr über den Hinterachsträger dieses Autos. Ich habe an Stoff, Fertigung Stoffdicke gedacht. Danke voraus.
  13. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 William Ransom
    Hope your ride is "shifting" well as YOU shift into another gear in life!...Happy Birthday!
  14. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 chevyfan87
    Have you been able to do any more "mods" yet for your 'Venger?...And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  15. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Tyrone23
    Well my crystal ball says more pic's will be showing up soon, due to a certain members SPECIAL DAY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
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  16. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 Jesse_0_
    Did you get your ride to run at proper levels yet?...Happy Birthday!
  17. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 nitrodude
    Hope you got that "laundry list" of things squared away by now...And Happy Birthday!
  18. Jose
    2012 Dodge Avenger R/T Redline pearl red black roof,handles,rear spoiler,smoked all light
  19. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 BMY
    Hey there...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a Great one.
  20. 5rebel9
    5rebel9 JacobTrixx
    How's that ride doing? and Enjoy a very Happy Birthday today!