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ac conpressor

  1. Compressor not engaging and not getting 12V

    Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi guys, I have a 2012 avenger, 2.4L SXT model and I am having problems with my AC. The compressor is not kicking in and the clutch doesn't engage. So far the tests done were: 1) I tested the compressor's power cable and had my wife turn on and off the AC. I am only getting a constant 2V on...
  2. Sounds like rod knock, but it isn't!?!?

    Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Alright. Like it states - sounds exactly like rod knock. 08 avenger 2.4 Start it up and there is an initial whirring, like an idler pully is going bad. The whirring stops and immediately turns into what can only be described as rod knock noise. However, I removed the serpentine belt and ran the...