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  1. Valve body part??

    Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    ello all i am new here and have got a lot of much needed info so thank you all ready! My uncle has a 2010 avenger 2.4 with a 41 something tranny. I downloaded some posts about testing the pcm and shift controls for him because he has the shift issue goes hard into first and stays there won’t...
  2. WeatherTech AVM - Semi Universal Trim to Fit Mats

    Custom Interior Modifications - Audio / Video
    Has anybody used these mats in their Avenger? Considering purchasing a set but would prefer to get recommendations from others and possibly a picture of them installed in somebody else's Avenger. Thanks.
  3. Starter Location

    Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Have a no crank, no start situation with 2010 Avenger SXT. Dash lights, horn and radio working. I have tested all of the fuses and relays.moving on to check wire from battery to starter. Can't locate starter and don't want to pull everything off the engine to find it. Could someone send...