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boston acoustics

  1. Can I swap a car with the boston sound system to a car that didn’t come with one

    Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    I wrecked my avenger that had the sound system in it if I get another avenger same year can I just swap the amp and speakers over then have some wiring to do that shouldn’t cost more than $20 right hopefully.... And the car I want to swap them into has the same touch screen Sirius radio and the...
  2. MOPAR Boston Acoustics Speakers

    Dodge Avenger Parts for Sale
    Selling the premium optioned Boston Acoustics speakers from my Avenger. Even with the basic 6-speaker stereo system, they would still be a good sound upgrade. I carried over after market speakers from a previous vehicle. They are very lightly used and never abused. Asking $75 + shipping, for...