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  1. Custom Performance Mods - Engine
    I have a 2008 Avenger sxt 2.7L I installed a few years back an after market exhaust, a flow master I believe. I also removed the resonator. Since then, i get a couple o2 sensor codes showing up on my check engine light. Any idea on where to go from here? I hate living with that CIL on all the...
  2. 2.4L
    Hello I have an 08 avenger 2.4l. Is a heat shield for a cai actually needed if so where can you buy the shield separate? I have an cai filter already. Also where can I get just the cai pipe at? Have looked all over online but found nothing. Not really wanting to spend an arm and leg on a k&n...
  3. 2.4L
    Hi everyone! I am new to the Avenger Forumz and I just bought a 2013 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4l with 60,000 miles. I want to upgrade it to add performance not racing. I just change the stock spark plugs for the NGK Iridium ZFRF5IX-11. I could definitely feel a difference in accelerating and the way...
  4. 2.4L
    I have a 2014 avenger SE and I would like to install a CAI that is STREET LEGAL, plz help
  5. K&N CAI

  6. 2.4L
    Hey everyone. About a month ago, I installed a Typhoon 69 series CAI from K&N (pics on my profile) and I just had a couple of questions. I know the instructions say to remove the negative battery cable, but I did not do that. I did not see the need. People say the reason is so the engine PCM can...
  7. Dodge Avenger Parts for Sale
    My lease is ending soon on my '12 R/T and I have removed my Mopar cat-back system & CAI & re-installed the factory systems. So, I'd like to give someone a heck of a deal on these to get them out of my garage. They have about $52,000 miles on them, but look like new (see pics). I paid $1,271...
1-8 of 8 Results