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  1. 2.4L
    Hi! So, my 2.4L Avenger is getting close to 200k miles and over this time, I'm not exactly sure how well the previous owners took care of her. She runs pretty well, but I really feel like the engine is loud for its size and it kinda feels underpowered. I'm wondering if an engine flush with some...
  2. New Member Introductions
    hi jus a simple stick and clean af avenger. Need help with a good deep rumbling exhaust. Any suggestions?
  3. New Member Introductions
    So for my high school graduation out here in Utah, the school threw an all night party will a raffle. 30 dollars for entry and given 6 tickets. There were jars for numerous prizes, one of them reading "Car giveaway". I tossed all of my tickets in that jar thinking eh why not, probably my best...
  4. After

  5. Dodge Avenger Pictures
    So happy! So beautiful! Cleaned it and restored the plastic today! Before and after!
  6. Dodge Avenger Pictures
    I washed and wiped and cleaned the outside of my 2011 Heat (aka The Dude) the other day and now we are ready for the road! At least for the next five minutes after the pictures were taken anyways (yes, I know... first world problems of black vehicle owners.) The only 'mod' I've made...
  7. IMG_420899898459102

    Wife decided to wash my car while I'm away, so sweet haha.
  8. new grille

    New grille UPPER/LOWER as well as rain/wind visors. Slowly meating my plan for the summer.
1-10 of 10 Results