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cv axle

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    Picked up a '96 Avenger Coupe for cheap. The fellow had replaced quite a bit of stuff, including CV axles. He warned that the output shaft seal leaked, among other issues. Visual inspection revealed the axle wasn't deep enough inside the differential by about 3/4 inch to even make contact with...
  2. Newbie Checkin!
    Can anyone tell me if im missing anything on trying to take off the passenger side cv axle from the intermediate shaft? Do i really need to take off the hanger for it to come out? Didn't think i would need help after getting the book. Thanks in advance.
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    This past weekend I decided to replace my cv axle on both the driver and passenger side, as it was long over due. I ordered both parts from Rock Auto based on information from a previous thread where another member replaced his drivers side only. The issue I ran into during the install was not...