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  2. 3.6L Pentastar
    My question is what would be the issues on my car if I feel it lags in acceleration when I’m at a complete stop or when I stomp on it? I feel it could be the o2 sensors and the serpentine belt, but haven’t gotten any codes. I have about 92,000 miles on it now. What do y’all think it is? I...
  3. South East
    I have a 2009 avenger 2.4L . My car was doing great but I’ve been having to jump start it lately . Every time I flipped it my key , it would make a shaky sound but still start but now it won’t come on. I got a new battery in it , it fixed the problem for the week and now we’re back with the same...
  4. Pre 2007 Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    So I did some reading and the 2.5l can be swapped with the 3.0L 6G72 possibly but my question is there’s a turbocharged version of that engine that makes way more hp and torque my question is does that one work or do I have to go with non turbo version ?
  5. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have a 2010 Avenger with the 2.4 in it. This morning, on my wife’s way to work, the check engine light came on and wouldn’t accelerate. I met up with her and hooked up the OBD and got 2 codes... one for crank sensor and 1 for random cyl misfire. I went out and bought the sensor and 4 new...
  6. Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    I wrecked my avenger that had the sound system in it if I get another avenger same year can I just swap the amp and speakers over then have some wiring to do that shouldn’t cost more than $20 right hopefully.... And the car I want to swap them into has the same touch screen Sirius radio and the...
  7. Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    so I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. the avenger likes to randomly shut off. and if I pull the pcm fuse an put it back in it will start back up. who ever had the vehicle before removed the etc fuse and bypassed it by pinching the leads together. I replaced that fuse an now the ABS...
  8. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    ok guys i need help, so my 2010 dodge avenger sxt has been down for a few weeks. cannot find whats wrong with it, alternator is new, battery is new yet wont start. im thinking something electrical but im low on money is there anything i can do on my own first to see whats going on...
  9. Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    Hi, My wife left our 2009 Dodge Avenger locked, turned off and with hazard lights on for a few hours yesterday. I went to move the car and it won;t start. I put the key in and turn and I just get a clicking noise. I tried jumping from a known good battery but the same result - just clocking...
  10. Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Like I said V6 Dodge Avenger 2011 Main Street car will run fine sometimes then just shut off and will not crank and display some kind of crazy message with lines on the information display. Battery and alternator have been checked. then when you come back to it and turn the key it'll run fine...
  11. Final Drop

    Final Drop

  12. Stock Rear Suspension Vs Coilovers

    Stock Rear Suspension Vs Coilovers

  13. Inital Ride Height

    Inital Ride Height

    Stock Ride height before coil-over install
  14. Newbie Checkin!
    So for my high school graduation out here in Utah, the school threw an all night party will a raffle. 30 dollars for entry and given 6 tickets. There were jars for numerous prizes, one of them reading "Car giveaway". I tossed all of my tickets in that jar thinking eh why not, probably my best...
  15. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    on my 2008 dodger avenger, the valve body shaft was rusted, and ceased in my transmission, causing it to break my shiftier, and transmission cable. Both were replaced, and the valve body dropped from the transmission. While lowering the valve body, I had discovered a few springs and clips on...
  16. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I just bought a 2012 Avenger 3.6L and after 2 days I was filling it up and when I got home the "gascap" warning popped up(no check engine light yet) so i tightened it and the next day, it was still there but this time, the check engine light came on and it hasnt gone off since. Its been about a...
  17. Bentley Grill

    Bentley Grill

    Dodge after she got a new Bentley Grill :)
  18. Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    Hey guys! I've had my 08 Avenger SXT since March. At first it ran great, but lately I've been having some problems. It loses power between 3500-3700 RPMS. I'm not sure if I need a tune up, or if it could be something else. I'm not too "car- savvy", but I am familiar with a good bit. Any ideas on...
  19. Custom Dodge Avenger - Complete Builds
    I was just curious if anyone has used a dash kit or had a custom dash made. And if you used a dash kit where you got it from and how it works. I have a 2011 'Venge 2.4L
  20. 2011 Dodge Avenger 2.4L

    2011 Dodge Avenger 2.4L