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  1. Bumper cover off

    Bumper cover removed to get chrome grille painted
  2. Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods
    So I installed the new grille today, but it didn't go as planned since the part doesn't fit perfectly like the stock one does. This is okay, because it was an easy fix! Of course as we upgrade our cars we know that this is going to happen, so we make due with what we have, and we make it fit...
  3. Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods
    I was wondering if it is possible that a 2011+ Avenger grill would be able to fit onto a 2008 Avenger. I would be surprised if it did but I just recently got my Avenger and am wondering how many of the parts are interchangeable through the refresh. Thank you!
  4. Custom Honeycomb grille

    Honeycomb Grille installed ..
  5. Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods
    Hey all. I am looking for a glossy or non glossy black all mesh grill for my 2014 avenger. But the ones i find are only for the 08-10 models. Will it fit? Or do I keep looking?
  6. 2008 Dodge Avenger sxt blacked out

    Blacked out 2008 Dodge Avenger sxt Plasti dipped stock wheels, rt headlights, 20% tint, grille
  7. 2012 Avenger SXT Plus custom

    2012 striped hood and blacked out front grill
  8. new grille

    New grille UPPER/LOWER as well as rain/wind visors. Slowly meating my plan for the summer.
  9. mesh grille

    mesh grille
  10. mesh grille

    mesh grille
  11. My new grille

    Here's my B-Cool billet grille.
  12. My new grille

    I was thinking of going with the SEStrims one, but then figured I liked this one better because they use less bars and having a bumper set available also makes for a more unified look in my opinion.
  13. My new grille

    And this is the back. All stock. For now;)
  14. eak

1-15 of 15 Results