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  1. Projector Headlights and LED High Beams Part 2!

    Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    So, I wasn't satisfied with the original projectors so I decided to upgrade to Morimoto H1 7.0 ballast, Custom LED High Beams, Panamera 2.0 shrouds, and OPT 7 HIDs. This project was definitely worth it. Please support the video and stay tuned for Volume 5..
  2. HID Projector Questions

    Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I'm thinking about retrofitting projectors into my 08 Avenger. Sorry for the lengthy write up but I want to do this right if I go through. I'm currently doing research and browsing through retrofit source because I've heard nothing but good things about them, and am customizing my potential...
  3. Nite time

    Nite time

  4. IMG_20141103_062104_653


    Patiently waiting.... right!��
  5. DSC02376


    8k HID's heads and fogs
  6. My 6000k HID Lights :)

    My 6000k HID Lights :)