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  1. The whole shebang

    Dodge Avenger Pictures
    Been a lurker for a few years and asked about some tires a year ago. So i may as well contribute and show my work. Heres all the mods ive made to my avenger over the 3 years ive owned it. Not bad for a 1st project car and never even changed a tire before this. What yall think?

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hey everybody! I have a recently purchased a 2011 heat looking to change Dome Map lights from standard white to Red, however I've youtubed, googled, and formed and can not find any where the how to. it is the same dome lights as the 200 sebring 2012-2014, please if anyone has done this MOD...
  3. Need help finding wire that is live when doors open.

    Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hey guys, I recently installed a set of interior LEDs under my dash and glove box. The set I got has a an optional wire that allows the set to turn on white when the main wiring is inactive but the optional is live. Any suggestions on what wire i could/should tap into. I've tried finding and...
  4. Custom Dash/Dash kit

    Custom Dodge Avenger - Complete Builds
    I was just curious if anyone has used a dash kit or had a custom dash made. And if you used a dash kit where you got it from and how it works. I have a 2011 'Venge 2.4L