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  1. Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    Hi Guys I have a 2013 Dodge Avenger SE 2.4L. I am looking to change to LED lights. I have bought a kit from amazon and it was flickering I also bought a antiflicker and it didn't work. I was wondering are there any LED light bulbs for the Avenger that don't need antiflickering? Also not to...
  2. Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    So, I wasn't satisfied with the original projectors so I decided to upgrade to Morimoto H1 7.0 ballast, Custom LED High Beams, Panamera 2.0 shrouds, and OPT 7 HIDs. This project was definitely worth it. Please support the video and stay tuned for Volume 5..
  3. Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Video as promised.. enjoy!
  4. Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hey guys, I recently installed a set of interior LEDs under my dash and glove box. The set I got has a an optional wire that allows the set to turn on white when the main wiring is inactive but the optional is live. Any suggestions on what wire i could/should tap into. I've tried finding and...
  5. Led Projector tails

    Led Projector tail lights
  6. Led Brake and Turn Signal Bulb

    Led Brake and Turn Signal Projector bulb... photo took at an angle because the bulb is a projector and it is very bright.
  7. Led Switch-back bulbs

    White to Yellow Led Switchback bulbs - turn signal
  8. LEDS All Around

    Leds from front to back..
1-9 of 9 Results