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  1. Projector headlights and COB Halos installed!

    Took most of the day but we got it done. This is a screenshot of the video i'm uploading today. The headlights are also converted to H1 Led Headlights.
  2. OPT7 Underglow Kit

    Easily, my favorite visual modification I've done to Omen. I'm running a universal Underglow kit by OPT7 Lighting. Comes in 17 different colors, ability to strobe each color, color fade, color shift, and my favorite, BEAT REACTIVE! see the videos to see more! All pics will be added to my album.
  3. Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods
    I'm thinking of creating a custom set of LED tail lights for the 2008-2010 Avenger. Please post your best designs/ideas/sketches of what you think the leds should look like. Please use the original tail light housing as the basis of your design. I intend on starting this project in a few weeks.
  4. Custom Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I have a 2013 SE that's about as basic as it can get (except for my R/T rims) and I was wondering if there was any way I could purchase a kit (oem or aftermarket or scrapped from a junkyard) to add fog lights on to my car where they would normally be if they were stock
1-4 of 4 Results