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limp mode
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    Ok, I just bout a 2010 r/t 2.4lt 4 speed back in December. Got a good deal on it because it was having shift problems, so I thought to myself (being a mechanic) this could be a good way to start learning transmissions. Brought the car home and when driving home the car never shifted at all...
  2. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    For about the past two months my ETC light will just come on at random times and my car will want to lose power/limp mode. I had it scanned and the codes that came up are P2111, P2112, P2110, and P0513. Usually I would have my step father who was a mechanic just take it and fix it, but...
  3. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have a 2008 Dodge avenger 2.4l sxt Auto trans ,140,000 miles ,I do all the work myself but this one has me stumped , last week I was driving, engine light came on ,went into limp mode, codes were transmission control and shift solenoid d , replaced solenoid block ,new filter with fluid and...
  4. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    So my 2010 avenger sxt 2.4l 4 cyl POS has a very rough idle no acceleration at all, etc and cel lights are on, just replaced the alternator and battery, both are in good working order, it's not the coil packs, I'm baffled at what it could be.. please help..
  5. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hey all, I have seen the thread by Zeevert talking about limp mode and his suggestions/solutions, but they have not seemed to work for me. So originally the ETC light came on and stayed solid for about a month, drove fine. Then after letting it sit for about two weeks I came back and tried to...
  6. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    (hope I'm posting in the right spot) When I start my car is the only time I have the issue. All gears in the dash will be outlined including an 8. So, far I'd say this happens about 40-45% of the time at start up. Even more rare (about half the time when the P R N D 8 appears), is in the...
1-6 of 6 Results