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  1. That's not how you do it, Dude.

    The Dude, he no understand butterfly collecting.
  2. Ummm, What? in Orillia, ON

    Dude and I are trying to suss out this ancient Orillia parking secret. So far, we got nothing. Anyone care to explain it to the big city folk? Please notice both the white and red vehicles are doing the same park on the grass manoeuvre.
  3. Thunder Bay, ON

    I been every where man, I been everywhere....
  4. Trans Canada Highway

    Nothing but divided road, miles and miles of road... and if you're lucky, no construction but you need to be very lucky!
  5. Near Swift Current, SK

    While on a road trip, fifteen minutes outside Swift Current we flipped to six digits on the odometer.
  6. Dodge Convention

    Off to the dealers for a tune up pre spring road trips!
  7. Dude, Insect Slayer

    The only problem with road trips...
  8. Saskatchewan Sunset

    The best part of road tripping is sights like this.
  9. We Meet Again

    Yep, I passed the house again after a rest stop. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be trying to out run a house on a highway.
  10. 65 MPH house

    You just never know what you'll come upon on the TransCanada highway in the rain. This time, it was a 65 mph house I had to pass and trust me, I never imagined I would have to pass a house in my car.
  11. Stuck in The Middle

    The exact centre of Canada. That's Dude ahead on the shoulder, I overshot the photo by a bit!
  12. Northern Ontario

    Moose country, let me tell you in the morning and evening hours, driving here was a test of nerves.
  13. Dressed to Drive

    This is the way I dress for a road trip. Why no, why would you think I love my Dodge?
  14. Contemplating a road trip

    This is my expression when my brain says road trip. I hope it's okay to have a pic of me given I look like a walking Dodge ad half the time.
1-16 of 16 Results