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  1. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have the 2010 R/T 2.4l. Just had it in a shop and they said it needed a new intake manifold, so I paid the $550 and went without it for a week. It seems to run better, but I’m still having a couple of the same problems as before I got the new manifold. I’ll put my foot to the pedal and...
  2. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hello all, I have a 2013 Avenger with the 2.4L. We recently noticed that the car will begin to overheat and the A/C doesn’t blow as cool at the same time while idling. If we rev the car up even while stopped it’ll drop the operating temperature and the A/C blows cold again. Both the fans are...
  3. Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    I own I 2011 dodge avenger it's a good car but while in park or idle it gets hot it has no leak fans work everything. But when I hit my has pedal in park it goes down.
1-3 of 3 Results