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  1. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Alright, fun one for the wrench Turner's. 2012 SXT 2.4l Roughly 253,000k on Odo No Cel Everything on this car is basically original other than what I've changed. (I have yet to see any non-oem parts on it.) I have changed Coil packs(long time ago, probably well over a year) Alternator(maybe a...
  2. Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have been having random issues with my car not starting. 9/10 times the car starts fine no problems. However every now and then and majority of the time it happens more in the winter. You try and start the car and the engine just keeps cranking and cranking and nothing happens. Then you turn...
1-2 of 2 Results