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  1. No power. Completely dead. Please help!! Tried alot!!

    Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    So, my avenger sat for a few months while I saved up enough money to fix and install and new power window. Car did not start after sitting. No lights. No click. I look at cable terminals and one was pretty rusted. I replace cable and nothing. I decided to see if battery was good and it was...
  2. 2013 SE 2.4, Driver Low Beam Headlight no power... NIGHTMARE :(

    Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    2013 SE Avenger here, ready to pull my hair out over a Driverside Low Beam Headlight that appears to be getting no power! The bulb is good, it works on the passenger side when I switch out the bulbs... I replaced the wiring socket/harness with a new one from Advanced Autoparts. To do that, I...
  3. Lost communication with ABS

    Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    First post here in a long time. I was getting intermittent abs light on and code U0120, lost communication with ABS module. And of course lost wheel distance and speed codes. All were in ECU and TCU. Then it became a more permanent problem and the TIPM was getting the U0120 code also...
  4. TIPM Replacement

    Dodge Avenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hey guys. I drive a 2011 Avenger Lux, v6. Unlucky to get hit with a few problems and they're all pointing to the tipm, according to the dealer. Turn signals flash quick as if the bulb is burnt out (they aren't) but only when lights are on, markers or headlights. Windshield wipers work...
  5. Forum Noob. TIPM question.

    Dodge Avenger General Discussion
    Hi all. New to the forum, but not to the Avenger. I've got an '08, that I bought in 2010. Unfortunately, I've come to the personal conclusion that this is one of the worst engineered cars ever built. But that's for a different day. I have had, and am starting to get some more, "electrical...