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  1. PLEASE HELP!!!Timing off after changing water pump

    Mid Atlantic
    I recently had my water pump go bad on my 2008 Avenger RT 3.4l. And I went to start changing it and realized it is contacted with all of the timing belt oil pump and all. Well after changing it. Which went very smoothly. Too smoothly (should have known something was going to f*** up). It will...
  2. Overheating even when idle.

    Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hey Forumz, sad news, the ricer is dead. About 2 weeks ago the hoses for the radiator came apart at the filler neck and let out all my coolant. After this happened, I got a new filler neck and was able to make it home, but the car kept overheating. Also changed the clamps from those stupid...
  3. Overheated 2013 Avenger

    Dodge Avenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    On my way home from work today, my engine started overheating (the idiot light came on). I got home and let it idle, and the thermostat needle kept jumping around in the upper 1/4 of the temperature gauge. Just as a datapoint - My internal cabin heat was turned off at the time. Upon opening...