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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum however I am looking to sell a dodge avenger 08' R/T with 238k miles on it.

Issues include:
Dent in front passenger door jam that creates a sound
Requires 4x o2 sensors for the cats
New battery (Runs fine just gave it a test drive 4/29/2020 presuming you don't shut the engine off
Filter replacements as well as full oil flush and change
Potentially a re-balancing.

Otherwise the car itself works great I just do not have the technical knowhow to repair it myself else I would get it back on the road and use it as my daily driver.

I am unsure as to the value in this condition but the engine and transmission are in good condition no interior damage and other than the dent on the door jam which could easily be fixed there are no other issues. The o2 sensors are really just to pass inspection.

I'm in the NY area (Long Island) so if you have either and tips as to repairing the thing or are looking to buy[Moreso my intention as I don't need anything with this amount of power as I just need a commuter vehicle with better gas milage)

Post offers


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