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2008 R/T 3.5 V6 Coolant Capacity

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I have been researching that my 2008 R/T utilizes HOAT Mopar 68051212AB Anti-Freeze. I am at the 5 year mark and its time to perform a flush and add all new coolant.
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Can someone who has a copy of the service manual please provide the coolant capacity so I can order the correct volume of fluid?

I am also entertaining saving some $$ and purchasing the Zerex G05 concentrate, and mixing with a gallon of distilled water to get 2 gallons of coolant for the price of 1 gallon of MOPAR 50/50. Thoughts?

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11.6 Quarts or 11 Liters
Includes heater and coolant recovery bottle filled to MAX level
@Intrepid Thank you. You have been a wealth of knowledge on this forum. What are your thoughts on the Zerex G05?Cheers!
I haven't personally had any experience with it but it's a Valvoline product and does seem to provide a good protection against rust and corrosion. I'd try it especially since it has the HOAT chemistry and is approved for use in Chrysler engines.
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