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2013 Dodge Avenger 3.6L Brake issue no codes

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I am currently having an issue with my 2013 Dodge Avenger 3.6L. While driving and applying the brakes, the ABS or something with the brakes seems to randomly kick in and provide a kickback feeling. This tends to happen at lower speeds or when trying to come to a complete stop.

Rear calibers, front driver cv axle, front struts were just replaced, brakes pads are good all around and rotors. Brake fluid is at normal level. Also bled the brakes. The driver rear wheel bearing was replaced a few months ago. Tires are about 5 months old. My car feels like the ABS is randomly activating at a few seconds before a complete stop or driving at low speeds. There are no codes displayed when hooking up with a reader. Hand traced speed sensors and tested speed sensors while trying to replicate the problem. All readings stay around the same and fluctuate normally while driving.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Sounds like you have to bleed the ABS unit after replacing the calipers. That's what might be causing the issue. There are OBD readers that can do this for you.
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