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2014 Dodge Avenger 2.4 l SE

Current problem fluctuation of temperature.

Explain greater detail later in the post

March 2021 was driving car normally, noticed it was running three quarters hot

Immediately pulled over, found that the upper radiator t above the radiator plastic tea one of the fittings totally broke and was leaving antifreeze

It was replaced and everything worked normal, but the regular temperature fluctuates between normal and usually about an eighth above normal

This evening I was driving in the back road it's windy in wyoming, speed limit was 70 the temp gauge went to 3/4 hot

Have a slowed down when the speed zone allowed the temperature gauge went back down to a little bit above normal

I am now ubering tonight, and sitting here with it running and it is normal

Right now it's idling about 600 RPMs

Your help would be greatly appreciated guys


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First thing to do is to make sure the radiator fan is working when it gets to about 215*. IF it does, then the second thing I'd do is replace the thermostat housing that contains the TWO thermostats.. It is all plastic and bolts to the end of the cylinder head and tends to leak with age. A new unit will also have the TWO thermostats already in place.
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