3.6 Magnaflow exhaust


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A little background...I first installed a set of Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers out back and while they were a bit loud it wasnt crazy, but the highway drone was terrible. I then installed a Flowmaster HP2 laminar flow 12 inch unit in place of the resonator. This helped the drone a lot but still didnt get rid of the annoying noise. I do the bulk of my driving on the highway so this was a big deal to me. Now really frustrated, I swapped the Cherry Bombs out for a Magnaflow transverse unit. At first I thought I'd wasted a ton of money and time for something that just sounds only slightly louder than stock. But the more I've driven it, the more I realize I've stumbled into a set-up thats almost perfect. At highway speed it is serene, a little throttle brings a nice growl and wide open delivers a full throated roar that announces it presence like an angry tiger. This in concert with the K&N intake makes for some great noise when you slam the pedal.