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1996 Avenger 2.0
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The shifter area was so dirty we wanted to deep clean it by taking it apart. The shift knob with the overdrive switch didn't seem to have a posting here in the forums, so here's how to take it apart. 1) Phillips screw on the dashboard side holds a cover plate. 2) Phillips lock screw holds the grip assembly to the steel post. 3) Remove the plastic console housing. 4) A zip-tie anchors the OD wiring to the lower end of the steel post. 5) A plastic clip holds more of the OD wiring on the driver side. 6) With the lock screw out and the wire loose, the grip slides up and off with ease. A few pictures attached may help illustrate the key points.
I do not, however, know how to get the overdrive switch out. I fiddled and pried but didn't want to break it, so that's as far as it went.

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