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Just ran a full tank of regular gas treated with Amsoil Pi gasoline additive....
I saw some test results on how well this stuff cleans fuel injectors and wanted to try it. They claim average mileage improvement of 2.7% and up to 5.2.
My average went from 19.8 to 20.8 mostly in town driving with short highway speed trips.
I am NOT an economy driver and love to let my RT romp.
My wife is currently running a treated tankful through her 2010 Sebring Limited and says "it runs a lot smoother. " Ill wait for the numbers .
Check out for more info.
Full disclosure: I am one of their Independent Dealers but only signed on after doing a LOT of research on their products.
If you do order off the Amsoil website feel free to use the dealer reference 5869946
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