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Here's an interesting review I found on the Avenger. It has some points that I agree on and some that don't but it may be a good read for some. It seems to me as if the author of this review was a little sprung on Saturn and the Fusion but I could be wrong. Enjoy... or not... Input is greatly appreciated.

SOURCE (Midway down the page)
February 15, 2007

2008 Dodge Avenger: Stuck in the Middle With You

We brought you coverage of the Dodge Avenger concept reveal at Paris (click here), then the production reveal in Detroit (click here). We recently had the chance to drive the Avenger around Phoenix, and now we bring you the first VehicleVoice and AutoPacific driving impressions. Avenger relies on its looks to draw buyers in and close the deal, as it settles mid-pack among its mid-size sedan competition (Ford Fusion, Pontiac G6, Saturn Aura, new-for-2008 Chevrolet Malibu, Mazda6, Kia Optima) by nearly every other measure. Inside and out, it is better than some, but not so good as others. Avenger is head and shoulders above the 2001-06MY Stratus, but Stratus had been allowed to slip into mediocrity, and Avenger competes against modern offerings instead of the past.

Competent and Entertaining, Not Inspiring
Avenger is offered in three trim levels, with three engines and two transmissions. I first drove an Avenger SXT equipped with the 173HP 2.4L I4 and then an R/T with the 235HP 3.5L V6; both offer automatic transmissions with four forward gears for the I4 and six for the V6. The SE and SXT are standard with the 2.4L I4 and R/T with the 3.5L. The SXT can be ordered with an E85-capable 2.7L V6. The SXT also offers a sport appearance package, so it can be dressed up like an R/T for less money. An R/T AWD arrives during the second quarter of 2007, but wasn't available on this drive.

The weakest point of the Avenger is not powertrain, handling, or styling. It is the interior. Avenger's interior fits right in with the rest of the Dodge family, which is good and bad. There are options not prevalent in the segment, like MyGig, heated and cooled cupholders, two-tone leather upholstery, and YES Essentials cloth. The interior design reflects the exterior well and there are subtle distinctions between trim levels, but the materials aren't particularly good. Avenger takes on modern interiors from GM and Ford, but the company hasn't developed an A-game interior yet.

While most people think Toyota Camry and Honda Accord when you say "sedan", the smaller and less expensive Avenger more accurately competes with the Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Mitsubishi Galant, Kia Optima, Saturn Aura, or Pontiac G6. In this group, Dodge offers a nicely priced package and some uncommon and interesting features, but doesn't do much that is significantly better than the products from Ford or GM.


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Styling is nice
Interior isn't loud and noisy
Leather Seats are comfy - once you break them in and get used to them
MyGig works well and has a definite "cool" factor
Heated/Cooled cupholder in center console works well
Sliding armrest in center console makes for more comfort


Interior seems a little rigid, would like a more "quality" feel
Plastic used for directional led's are hard to adjust, though rarely need adjustment
MyGig really is only 8 gb of storage space for music, other space taken up by maps
Uconnect doesn't work with EVERY bluetooth phone, some work better than others some not at all
Dash mounted heated/cooled storage bin is practically useless. Cool feature but uses hot/cold air blown in from the heating system. Can only put 12 once sized cans in it. Normal sized water bottles don't fit well. If something leaks...hard to clean.
MyGig can only play dvd's in the front while in park...if enabled in your area. Need rear VES for dvd playback while driving, and then its only in the back.

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I found a couple more pros-

6 speed tranny. Shifts better and quicker and smoother than the old 5 speed autostick.
Autostick is seperated from normal "D" gear. This helps so you don't accidently downshift while in a turn if holding onto the shifter while driving.
Autostick responds much quicker than the old 5 speed, not near as much lag time.
Boston Acoustics upgrade sounds really nice and has decent bass. So nice that I see no need for an immediate upgrade.

Fuel door is manual and doesn't lock. Easier for someone to either siphon gas or put something in your tank.

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Before the last decision to buy an avenger I've googled a lot on the net looking for pros and cons of this car.

Here what I've met as most common problems:

Automatic shifter: A good number of users underlined problems they was not able to move back from parking state the shifter due a broken internal harm

Solenoid valve: A little number of owners, claimed continuous problems with solenoid valve (I don't know if the name is right, here in Italy we call it "butterfly valve")

Ignition: Some models got serious problems with (I suppose) key codes, sometimes peoples was forced to wait with the key in at least 10 seconds before be able to start the car if it start.

Paint: Another problem seems be the low cost kind of paint used that might, in few time, be lost from some parts.

Plastics: I still not see my new avenger or another one, here in italy exists only near to 200se 2.0d avengers and not more than 10sxt 2.0i at the moment.
But if the plastics are the same of caliber '08 their quality need to be improved, if your car stay for hours under the sun, might be that in near to 1 year all the plastics will make bad "Crick Crock Crack!" while driving.

I think that almost for the first 3 points was problems related to firsts models, it's common to all cars.
For the 3th I can's say I've not noticed this in all dodge/crysler cars I've seen till now.

The last point is a personal point, I'm used to European plastics that are usually high quality plastics (if we cut off '06 Saab cars... )

Pros of this car are:

  1. Low maintenance cost (car part prices are a lot lower than other European car maker)
  2. Design (I seen the front light concepts, was better than actual one :( ) that meet a good middle point between a family sedan and a sport car.
  3. Price Avenger is cheaper than same kind cars (Europe) and give you all you need to drive with enough safety and commodities
  4. Low consumption of petrol than some other European cars (i.e. BMW 320ci)
  5. The space, avenger might not be felt as a large car in USA but here in Europe is larger than the most common cars around, and this is good (at least for me)
Here my piece

I'll add more when I'll have it, my first try just after the buy will be a little trip of 1000Km (near 10h) I can't wait :D

Sorry for my bad English
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