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How to remove your front bumper and headlights.

1st: Open your door and pop your hood.

2nd: Your hood is popped.

3rd: Look for the release mechanism (pictured below) and give this a push, while pulling up on your hood. Your hood should come right up.

4th: Leave your hood up as you'll come back to this later. Look by your front wheels and you should see three screws. Take them out. Follow this step on the other fender.

5th: Right below the last screw, on the bottom of your bumper, there will be a plastic rivet (on both sides of your car) and ten screws. Take these out.

(plastic rivet)

(ten screws)

6th: With your hood opened, you will see about 7 plastic rivets holding your grille to your car. Take these out. (Your grille will still be attached to your bumper. You do not have to remove it.)

7th: Grab your bumper, where you first removed the three screws on the fender, and carefully pull outwards, making your way to the other fender. Your bumper will come loose. (There may be loud cracking noises. This is just the bumper coming loose. Nothing to worry about.)

8th: Your bumper should come off with no problems. Be careful as the fog lights are still connected. (if you have fog lights just twist the bulb and pull it out.)

9th: To take your headlights out, there are three long screws you have to remove. Remove these, along with a little screw on the side of the headlight housing.

(Screw on top of headlight housing)

(Screw on side of headlight housing)

(Screw on bottom of headlight housing)

There is a little screw on the outside of the headlight housing. (not pictured :4-dontknow:)

10th: Repeat step 9 on other headlight housing.

11th: You finished taking everything apart. Now comes the fun part... putting it all back together. Just follow these steps in reverse to put everything back where it goes. Good luck. :smiley_thumbs_up: I hope this helps someone out.

When everything is said and done, and everything is put back together, it should look something like this.. :SHOCKED:
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