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    If your skeptical on what I post part number wise, I'm probably about 90% correct when it comes to part number research and interchangeability. Now since I'm no longer employed at Chrysler at the moment(medical reasons) as a parts manager I can't walk to my shelf and pull parts off of it anymore. I can still use my local parts store for interchangeability as I walk in asking what I want to see as I look up the info I need using OE information and researching interchanges.
    My experience so far is off about 3years as of now as I've been out of work, but I still use my previous experiences and resources in trying to find the correct part for any given application.
    I've searched and ordered numerous parts that were recommended as the "Solution" to upgrade the Avenger front brakes and the final conclusion as posted above is the Avenger/200 are the only models that use this brake caliper mounting bracket that gives you the option of the 13.3" rotors.
    The additional parts needed are from standard applications, you can actually walk in to a local parts store and state you have the 340mm front rotors and they will be able to look them up for you with out any issues. The brake hose is the questionable part. I posted the part numbers I used as they are about 90+% close to what is needed for the upgrade.
    Of course if you get a braided "Russel" style brake hose, those numbers would change also

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