Blower motor/resistor issues

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    Hi All,

    I've got some A/C issues, and since it's pretty much summertime now in GA this is really important!

    So it all started a few days ago when I turned on the A/C and it wasn't blowing. I toyed with the blower speed knob(manual A/C controls, by the way) and found that I could get the blower to work on high only it I held it past the highest setting. If I let it go it would stop, but as long as I held a little clockwise pressure on it it would stay on full, and the A/C worked perfectly.

    The first thing I thought of was the blower resistor, so I pulled it out, an my multimeter and...I wasn't able to figure out anything conclusive without a diagram and specs to test for. I got a new resistor today and it didn't change anything, so I pulled out the control panel and found that that was the problem. Well, a problem at least. Here's what it looked like behind the fan speed knob:

    Obviously it got a little scorched and melted, but I realized I could clean off the contact and bend it back to where it should be. That could make it work...maybe. Here's what it looked like after I did what I could:

    Then I put it back together, plugged it back in, with the original blower resistor, and it actually works! Pretty much, at least. It catches a little bit on the highest setting, but I rarely use that anyway, and can avoid it until I get a good replacement put in.

    So I can now get to work and back without sweating off 10 lbs., and I plan on replacing the control panel, but I still don't know why it melted in the first place so...a few questions:

    1. I might just use the new one, but does anyone know the specs for the blower resistor so I can test and make sure that's not an issue if I leave the old one in?

    2. While I was testing, for just a couple minutes with the old resistor plugged in, it wasn't screwed in where it's supposed to be, and it got really hot. Like I thought I cauterized the tip of my finger hot. I didn't really look, but I assume it gets airflow when it's installed correctly, right? Is it normal to get really, really hot when it's just hanging in the footwell?

    3. Could a bad resistor have caused the melting to begin with? Is there something else I should check out, maybe the blower motor?

    4. In all the testing it disassembling it seems pretty clear how the fan speed knob works: there's 5 wires, one is a permanent ground, and the knob connects it to each of the other 4 in turn to ground them. So if I need to avoid my "repaired" controls until I get a good replacement, it seems I can pick a speed and just use a jumper wire to ground that wire all the time. Would there be any issues doing that for a few days?

    Phew that was a lot to type out, and I didn't even mean to write a whole essay. I figure giving all the information at once is better than playing 20 questions later though, if anyone bothers to read all this. Thanks to anyone who does!
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    Since you already bought the new resistor, I would install it with the new control. And yes, make sure the resistor is bolted in before running as the fan does cool it to a degree.
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    Agree with namrestud and would also replace that control panel asap. You don't want a total meltdown:(

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