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  1. Disconnect negative cable from remote jumper terminal.
  2. Drain cooling system
  3. Raise vehicle on hoist.
  4. Remove right front wheel and belt splash shield.
  5. Remove accessory drive belts
  6. Remove lower generator mounting bolt.
  7. Lower vehicle.
  8. Disconnect generator electrical connectors.
  9. Disconnect AC clutch and AC pressure sensor electrical connectors. Reposition wiring harness.
  10. Remove oil dipstick and tube. Plug hole in oil pan where dipstick tube mounts with water tight stopper.
If hole for dipstick tube in oil pan is not plugged, coolant will enter oil pan. Serious engine damage can occur.

  1. Remove remaining generator mounting bolts. Remove generator.
  2. Remove radiator hose tube mounting bolt (3).
  3. Disconnect hose clamps (1) at thermostat housing.
  4. Remove thermostat housing bolts .
  5. Remove thermostat and housing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts