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I have read here that Avengers have issues with battery and possibly because of it's location inside the fender. I checked mine and luckily had clean connections and cables in good shape.

But then I paid attention to those tiny wires that connect battery to posts under the hood. Another to positive and another to negative. I did not slice them to be sure but guess that they are as small as 8-10 AWG. It definitely is small size to be main cables from battery. Especially if some adds are made that draw current and those are connected to those posts and not directly to battery posts. This can easily be one thing that causes battery and cable/connection issues since they are way overstressed.

I wanted to prevent this issue and made new 4 AWG copper wires to both positive and negative posts from battery.

Added them to posts hoping that it helps not to overstress those tiny wires from battery.

And took separate power cable to my coming amp direct from battery post also and run it through original route.

Just wanted to share this idea hoping that fellow avenger owners could prevent battery issues. Of even with extra cables it is important to properly clean batteryposts and cables and protect them with battery grease.
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