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i have a red 2008 avenger r/t. a further description and installed options are available here

are the factory foglights halogen projects or halogen projectors? they look like projectors to me

if they are projectors, to make them xenon, wouldn't all u would need to do is change the bulb to a xenon (preferable philips d2s for me), connect it to a ballast and hook up it from there?

i had my lexus rx300 retrofitted with xenon lights. they're incredible, preposterously wide, and very bright. best investment ever. however, i spent about $2,000 on them, which i don't have a problem with, and i want to do it with this car too. however, i send them out of the state and get them retrofitted, which takes a couple weeks usually. im not sure if im willing to sacrifice that time and money again.

so is it easy to change the foglights to xenon?
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