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My 08 2.4 (200,000kms) went into limp mode at the traffic lights the other day and transmission wouldn't change up. The next morning I was going to limp it to put it on the scan tool and it worked fine, transmission changing etc....then as soon as it go warm it "thunked" into gear and went into limp mode again.

Scan threw a HEAP of codes

P2004 - Tract intake - valve stuck open (this code was up when I first purchased the vehicle 12 months ago and it hadn't been driven for months....maybe over a year....but went away on the drive home and hasn't been an issue since)

P2017 - Tract intake - sensor defective

P0700 & P0760 Solenoid shift vale C - Faulty

U0184 No communication with radio? Alpine Stereo works fine
Airbag - 1 error

Chrysler here in Australia are saying by the Codes (they are too far away and too expensive for me to get it to the dealer, but I have a good relationship with the parts guy) are saying Powertrain Module...none in Australia and none at Warehouse in the USA, plus they are $1600 AUD. I see I can get them online.

All the local mechanics suggest I take it to a Auto Trans place.

Someone else suggested solenoid or alternator. It had a new alternator fitted 8 months ago.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated please

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