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Still trying to figure out how you start a new thread. Hi everyone Chefdriver here. Personally I don't own a Dodge Avenger but I have a friend that does with several issues. It's a 2008 Avenger. I'm a Nissan Altima SE owner so I know cars and fast ones. I know if you really want to find out about a vehicle and all its quirks go to the forums to find the answers. That's why I am here. Now I realize Nissan must be a dirty word in this forum so maybe I can "avenge" myself by saying I've been a "MOPAR" die hard for years back in the Muscle Car Era with Roadrunners, Chargers, Cuda's and the like. If I didn't think I could get the answers here I wouldn't have signed up. I am having a problem figuring out how to start a new thread. Where it indicates NEW Thread there are options except for starting a new one. How do we do it?
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