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Greetings All

Monday (Dec 31st) ,I'll be picking up our new SXT.
I found that this time of year and 4" of snow ,helped loosen up the dealer on the final price.
We also just made the tail end of Dodge's 0% financing offer.
We are trading in a 03 Intrepid which has been a great , trouble free car for the 75k miles that we owned it.
During the test drive ,the first thing we noticed was the ride and how quiet the car was for a mid-sized vehicle.
Since we went with a mid-sized ,we opted for the 2.4L for the max fuel economy , although the 2.7 flex fuel was mighty tempting since E85 is available in our area.
This is a great forum and I'll be dropping in from time to time to keep up with the news.
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