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I am getting both codes P0052 and P0058 which are O2 heater circuit high on both sensors on bank 2.
I ohmed out the heater on both sensors and get 5-6 ohms. I assume that I should have 12V on one side of the heater and ground on the other. I have ground but no voltage on either sensor. I then checked for voltage in the same way on a sensor on bank 1 and I still show no voltage, so either I am doing it wrong or there is not always voltage on the heater.
All fuses ok. There is a bank of 4 relays next to the fuse panel that I don't know what they do, but they are all the same and I swapped them around in case one was bad, but it made no difference.
Both sensors work as far as their voltage output and its highly unlikely that both sensors went bad at the same time.
One thing I find strange is that after I clear all codes, then scan it to verify they are gone, once I start the car, the code comes back immediately. I tried removing the negative battery cable to see if it would clear from memory or something, but no change.

Anyone have an idea on what to try next? The Chilton book has no wiring diagrams that show the O2 sensors. I checked on-line and could not find any either.
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