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Satellite radio already expired!?

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Got my Avenger in October, and as I turn my radio on today, it says the Sirius subscription in expired and to call the 800 number to subscribe. I was told it came with a year free. I am going to call the dealer, but do you think I will have any luck. I am guessing they activated it as soon as it left the plant.
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It might not have been activated at all, and this is the initial activation. I think calling the dealer is a good idea, and hope you post the dealer's response.
yep, that's right. I'm not sure if it has to do with dealer notifying siruis vehicle sold or if it's a pre-determined amount of time before it shuts off.

all you have to do is call the number and get it set up in your name. No charge of course since you get the free year.

They will also send you documentation which contains channel guide (can get off their website) and they will also send you id/password for online site which will allow you to listen to sirius streaming online.

You can also add 2nd subscription for a discounted price if you so choose.

you will need to be in the vehicle with radio on when you call, they will send a signal to activate the subscription. You'll also need VIN of vehicle if it's a factory installed radio so they and identify the unit.

On an aftermarket installed radio, there's an id number for the unit they will need and comes with radio documentation.

- Dan M
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Called Sirius yesterday, and all is good. Got it activated with the year membership.
glad to hear all is good. What was the reason with it being shut off?
It never was actually activated for me. I guess they do just turn it on for the dealers. It took just a few minutes, but unfortunately I lost all of the station presets. lol The good part is I got a couple months free.
Sirius seems to be very good with customer service. Mine works but I've yet to call them to activate it yet...but they did send me the stuff with my id and everything...need to activate the playboy channel lol
I think yours may already be activated then, because I never had the stuff sent to me until I activated it.
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