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Ok, so I always see performance discussions and what can and can't be done to our rides. So can we have a dedicated thread for what exactly is needed to do this darn srt-4 swap?!

Like I said, I've read/heard about it a lot, but never anything much in detail. I see it, I want it, let's do it! Lol!

So honestly, is it all worth the hassle?? Is it much of a hassle? What all exactly is needed to do this? Lists man, we need lists! 😝

I understand it will need to have a stronger trans, which one? Would it really be that difficult to convert to manual?? Are there actual buy n bolt parts to make that even a reality, or a bunch of custom one-off fabricating?

Besides the engine, trans, ECU are there any other salvageable parts from the caliber to warrant buying one as the donor?

Side note: I came damn close to buying a neon for the engine, but after more research I'm seeing the caliber is a more suitable/doable option. That's why I made this thread to hopefully put all the facts into one place for us all. Thank you all in advance for your input! 😊
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