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What dodge should have built

I brought my car new with 5 miles on it I have used all the go fast parts offer, from throttle body space to Magna flow custom exhaust soon I will upload a more updated picture hood is going on soon.

What dodge should have built
Mr.K Guess, Jan 30, 2016
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    • Mr.K Guess
      Nice look on the car those look like 22'inch rims makes the car look husky
    • Intrepid
      Nice ride! Congratulations, you've done a great job.
    • 5rebel9
      Looks great!!

      What do you have under the hood ??
    • Mr.K Guess
      @5rebel9 It's a 3.6 pent a star and since I upgraded the car feel's and is faster not help fast but their is a lot of asthma,Honda's,and Mazda's,that seen how the back lights of my car look dyno test show 260HP@front wheels& 295 torque not bad
    • JordanC
      Rims look nice man, What brand rims are those? I have a 2008 dodge avenger rt and I want to get new rims but I'm struggling to find aftermarket rims that fit the style of the avenger.
    • Mr.K Guess
      @JordanC those rims I have on my car are from a Chrysler 300 SRT-8 22" find your style and go for what makes you want to look at your car and say if I add this will it make people take a second look and say WOW...NICE CAR.
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